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Recycled Magazines and Paper


Meet the 'magstract' technique!

The M-Series includes the original M1 Series as well as the Lat-M Series, with a focus on more complex and lattice-like woven arrangements and the BDS-M Series focused on a beautifully dystopian interpretation of the future. 

The broader M-Series is constantly evolving and new themes are continuously introduced.

Below are a few representative examples from the main current series line-up. 


M1 Series

The first recycled magazine style series and the basis for the Recycled Abstract platform. These pieces center around vibrant colors and geometric arrangement intended to highlight the beauty of the magazine pieces themselves in new artistic format.

M Series 2022

Lat-M Series

Continuation of The first recycled formal magazine series but with an added focus on adding depth and dimension to complement the natural 3-D aspects of the 'magstract' style.