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I am an abstraction and illustration of contrasts. Ambitious, yet unfocused. Multi-disciplinary yet a specialist. An Invisible Man in the home vanity.

Having spent most of my professional career in finance, I am a left-brained trained, but have always been right-brain guided. As a natural extension of me, the Recycled Abstract art platform becomes an experiment in externalized internal conflict and dueling dichotomies. Old is reimagined anew. Physical manipulated or minted into digital. All the while the 'message' is often hidden amid the seemingly simple.

It begins with the 'Process' of acquiring used materials through online peer marketplaces, thrift shops, 'Oops' paint selections from hardware stores or lucky finds in the past from the streets of New York or, more recently, the alleys here in Long Beach CA. Contrasting creative influences  then come together to form Recycled Abstract's artistic themes where Zen sits next to Fantasy and Dystopia, and 'Black Hues' sits next to Cosmopolitan. The creative energy of this organized confusion is ultimately channeled through various 'Series' with multiple representative pieces.

The works look to reach out and touch the viewer through the use of bold colors, layers, textures and multiple-dimensions including physical, virtual and animation. Each piece uses recycled materials or themes in a way that gives each work a new and distinct identity from its original existence. The goal is to evoke a feeling of wonder, surprise or a newfound appreciation for 'art' that can be discovered in reusing what is usually ignored or discarded.

Artist  Statement

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