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R. Tucker

The Accidental Abstract Artist

R.Tucker Fractured.jpg

Reginald Tucker is the Founder and creative visionary behind Recycled Abstract. While the platform itself is in its infancy, the depth of the work he has created across music and visual art are shaped by his unique perspectives as a black man in America.


Often the only or one of a few, being different has never been a novelty. Never fully included or invited, yet at the same time never afraid of the unchartered, means being new or different manifests itself through every aspect of his and therefore the Recycled Abstract  experience. Reg is a lifetime creative and forward thinker who believes the physical and digital art worlds of the future will position those that push these boundaries as the leaders of the next generation that will shape society under a new creative rubric. 


Those that choose to come along on his personal journey are invited to reimagine boundaries and redefine what is beautiful or even considered art itself. Along the ride, hopefully you will find something that is just as provocative as it is beautifully interesting.


Strong black cultural familial influences from the 70's and street art themes from early hip hop and pop culture fuse with later academic artistic and philosophical influences of Japanese culture and Zen studies. The result is an eclectic confluence of simple yet bold colors underlying a mix of Zen themes illustrated in the M1 Series, alongside existential themes and commentaries on justice embodied by literary influence like Kafka's Trial and The Stranger by Camus. While the Beautiful Dystopian Society Magazine Series can embody an almost visual interpretation of a view of the future from sci-fi classics like the Neuromancer.

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