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by R. Tucker

Exploring New Dimensions in Art

Recycled Abstract is a unique art platform that focuses on creating one-of-a-kind pieces from recycled materials. Signature pieces are created with a new innovative recycled rolled magazine concept called Magstract. Compositions embody 3D collages, abstract imagery, bold colors, whimsical designs, and pop culture-inspired art. RA pieces by R.Tucker are sure to make a statement in any home, office, or gallery.

Recycle and Reimagine

Reginald Tucker started Recycled Abstract to create mixed media art with a base that start from mostly recycled materials. 

Using a mix of multiple mediums and physical and digital techniques helps repurpose the original materials into distinct new pieces.

Bold colors and symmetry as well as themes underpinned by cultural commentary form the basis of much of the current body of Recycled Abstract work best illustrated through the core M1 and  Black Hues, and 'SurReal' Landscapes Series.


Portfolio Series

The Recycled Abstract creative process most often starts with recycling first. For paper this means setting up magazine post alerts on internet marketplaces hoping for free or low cost options from moving sales or rare out of production vintage magazines while visits to high-end hotels are best for high-gloss high-quality magazines. 

Each type of magazine creates a different look and feel which helps create a constant flow of new ideas and portfolio series.

From the Physical Into The Digital World

Recycled Abstract digital creations typically fuse the platforms unique three dimensional physical magazine art with new form digital art and effects. A Recycled Abstract physical piece forms the foundation upon which digital art pieces are built. A combination the layering of filters, image manipulation, digital software and apps help give the digital piece a completely new and separate identity. The resulting end product is a Recycled Abstract digital images, GIF or NFT that is given 'life" by incorporating animation and natural elements like weather and water to create a tangible feel of air and movement.​

Comics Series #1(zoom 1)(Paper - Comics Series).jpg
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